The Repsol Foundation focuses its strategy on the creation of a more sustainable future, developing projects centred around energy transition and society.

Within the framework of this new strategy, the Repsol Foundation is committed to promoting rigorous and scientific knowledge related to energy, so with this in mind it has created an Energy Transition Chair in a network of universities. The project was launched in 2019 with the University of Barcelona, and in 2020 it incorporated the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Comillas Pontifical University. These universities are being joined by a number of new centres to establish a large network that promotes research and the sharing of knowledge related to energy transition.

Within the educational sphere, students and teachers can access the Repsol Foundation Zinkers platform, where they will find a variety of free primary and secondary school resources that will enable them to learn about the challenges of energy transition in class.


Included in the platform is the eWorld Project, an innovative digital education program aimed particularly at secondary school students that will allow them to study content on energy, sustainability and climate change in class. Said content is adapted to the secondary school curriculum and based on innovative methodology, such as collaborative or project learning.

The materials have been designed to offer meaningful learning, to make the student the key driving force of their own learning experience, and to encourage reflection processes and the development of critical thinking. Digital resources and activities are combined with classroom group dynamics, which can be carried out online or in class.

Each chapter includes materials to be worked on in class, which also allow the teacher to prepare their class in a flexible way that can easily be adapted to their planning, and there are educational advisers available to assist teachers at all times. Registration is available to all secondary schools and is entirely free.

At the Repsol Foundation we are committed to education as a key tool for tackling the challenges of the future and we are fully aware of the important role new generations will play in overcoming these challenges.