The objective of school is to prepare students for the real world. The objective of Tekman is to help teachers with this mission. That is why the publishing house, as part of its commitment to expanding their active methodologies, has launched a free platform to help teachers create lessons that are adapted to their classes.

Teachers know their students well: their interests, needs and local environment. This close relationship generates ideas that can be brought to the classroom. But there are also barriers: how do we convert these ideas into structured lessons? How do we connect them to the educational curriculum? And do it well?


A smart, curriculum-ready platform

Thinkö enables teachers to create their own educational projects (ABP) and teaching units in less time and with guaranteed success. The platform offers a step-by-step method that is supported by a teaching guide with resources, inspiration and examples. It also simplifies work with the educational curriculum. No external documents are necessary, as the curriculum for every region is included in Thinkö. It shows teachers what they need to see, when they need it. An exclusive smart curricular system.


A tool for all processes

To make teachers’ lives easier, Thinkö also includes all the tools that they will be accustomed to using: creating activities, designing materials, evaluation management and a virtual classroom. Integrated with Google for Education, it also works with all the applications from the Google suite and offers templates for exercises, materials and evaluation tools developed by its Teaching team.


A customisable collection of resources

For those who feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating material from scratch, Thinkö offers a catalogue of projects and teaching units that teachers can easily adapt to their classes. As opposed to other resource collections, the programmes are complete (including all activities and materials), having been created by innovative teachers and reviewed by the Teaching team. So all the classes in the catalogue have a quality guarantee.


Any interested teachers can sign up for free here.

Elementary school children build 3d models using recycled materials with their teacher during class. This is a school in Hexham, Northumberland in north eastern England.