Possible Lab, a company focused on innovative learning and social change, began 2021 with new proposals and content through its Academy division, which offers a publishing catalogue of disruptive educational products for all learning areas, through maker methodologies, educational video games, virtual learning environments and transmedia storytelling.

One of the main new additions is the Better World video game, the first publishing proposal for developing Global Competence in secondary and upper secondary school students, assessed through PISA international tests since 2018. The videogame follows the character of Valeria, a 16-year-old student, as she takes a trip to leave her country along with her family, facing a variety of different challenges, decisions and conversations with people that will stimulate reflection and raise awareness about a number of global and local problems throughout the world, in addition to the consequences that they have on our own lives.

“Videogames are an essential educational tool and at Possible Lab we have been committed to them from the beginning. Our new release, Better World, aims to take advantage of all the potential videogames have to offer as a channel and a medium for analysis, reflection, creativity, collaboration and critical decision making, all in an environment that is particularly motivational for teenagers,” advises Miguel Massigoge Galbis, Director of Possible Lab.

“The game was developed through a multidisciplinary process that involved a team of videogame developers, artists and designers, all connected by the transmedia storytelling division at Possible Lab. Transmedia tools allow us to bring together and share the story of Valeria and Better World via various different means. In summary, it’s a process that involved several very different profiles and required significant coordination to bring together all the content, art and programming, and to ensure that everything makes narrative sense”, explains Sergio García Cabezas, an expert in educational innovation and technology at Possible Lab.

Better World is the company’s first of an important series of new releases from its publishing catalogue, educational content projects and training and consultation division that Possible Lab will be presenting throughout the course of this year.