The Spanish company Wiris is based in Barcelona and is a global partner of STEM products. Its selection of tools offers a fully digital learning experience to students and teachers throughout the world. MathType, the most popular equation editor in the world, is the perfect program for creating mathematical notations on websites, presentations, publications and desktop documents, ChemType is their editor for inorganic chemistry and WirisQuizzes is their evaluation tool. MathType and ChemType allow users to include formulas to produce scientific content in a more straightforward way, and WirisQuizzes automatically grades and improves STEM questionnaires with random graphic parameters, helping teachers to save time correcting tests and concentrate on their students’ progression.

Wiris anticipated demand by enabling MathType for the Google Docs platform, as there were a growing number of users who wanted to try the tool online. And recently, due to a growing demand for the use of Google Slides in the educational community, the company launched the integration within the sister platform Google Slides, Google’s version of Microsoft’s PowerPoint application, where users can create presentations, save them in the cloud and edit them in collaboration with other users. The company has now reached 15 million installations on this platform since launching the integration.

MathType for Google Slides is included in the Office Tools suite, which enables this mathematical editor to be used in the most popular document editors, including Google Docs, Google Slides, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, in addition to Apple products (Pages, Keynotes and Numbers). MathType is also very frequently used on some of the most popular educational platforms, including Canvas, Moodle and Brightspace, among others. In summary, MathType can be easily integrated into any environment where users need to edit formulas. Wiris will also be launching MathType for Microsoft 365 online over the coming months.