The Edutech Cluster’s Digitalisation Framework, the first report in Europe to offer a strategic map for educational centres and institutions, educational managers and public administrations to improve teaching and learning processes through technology, has been recognised in the Training and Employment category as one of the 100 Best Ideas of the Year by Actualidad Económica magazine.

These awards highlight the best innovations on the Spanish business scene for more than 40 editions. Organised by Actualidad Económica, part of the Unidad Editorial group, the 100 Best Ideas awards focus on those initiatives whose innovative character represents a boost to the competitiveness of the Spanish business fabric: from the food industry to the financial industry, including new digital, connected and disruptive technologies, CSR, health, training and sustainability. In total, 14 categories and a hundred interesting products and services.

In this way, the Edutech Cluster’s Digitalisation Framework, the result of a year and a half of research, analysis and fieldwork during which 250 people have been involved and which offers for the first time a comprehensive view of educational innovation through the analysis of all the aspects that impact on it, reinforces its objective of proposing a guide with the steps to follow to implement digitalisation in an educational centre, pointing out the dimensions that are considered key to be able to carry it out.

From Edutech Cluster we would like to thank the effort and work of the collaborators and partners of the cluster in this project that was born as an illusion and today, thanks to them, is a reality.