EDT Partners is a consultancy firm dedicated to the education sector, made up of an international team of professional experts in educational technology.

Active in more than thirty countries, our global perspective and local expertise enables us to focus on results, helping companies within the education sector to accelerate their innovation processes, strategically expand into new markets and, consequently, develop their business.

All education professionals share the same goal: to help students achieve their maximum potential. This is a complex objective that is affected by several factors: social, economic, political, technological, local and global. Tackling all the challenges inherent to education can seem daunting. That is why EDT Partners is here to offer advice to institutions, companies and organisations at all educational levels, including schools, universities and companies, to drive transformation and boost educational business, offering all the necessary expertise to help these organisations grow, improve, move forward and prosper in digital education.

Our collaboration with Edutech Cluster allows us to provide a global vision of the education sector, opening doors to new opportunities and new business, establishing connections with the best strategic partners. Our main objective is to help each member with their own particular needs, encouraging growth and innovation in a market that is currently fluctuating due to the impact of COVID, to offer significant change in terms of development.

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Contact us at info@edtpartners.com