• Education professionals get together to reflect and come up with solutions for educational and digital transformation.
  • Forum with experts: Carlos Magro, Irene Arrimadas and Pepe Menéndez.

The pandemic has changed the dynamic of schools, leading to changes in how classes are taught and how content is accessed. The need to adapt in record time to a reality that was unthinkable just a few months ago has forced us to embrace educational and digital transformation as an essential tool for shaping our future.

To respond to these needs, Edebé called the +T³ International Virtual Forum and invited ITC managers and directors from education centres to reflect, share information and discover experiences and good practices. The forum is intended as a space for analysing the current educational Trends, the direction digital Transformation is going in and what role Technology will play at this crossroads.

The proposal involves three live events with experts and an online space for reflection and debate led by Juan M. Núñez Colás, an expert in educational innovation.

The event will last three weeks, from 5 to 25 February, and will combine online sessions (face-to-face and experiential) with the aim of looking at education in a different light.

On 11, 18 and 25 February, the international forum will offer 90 minutes of live shared value (from 5:00PM to 6:30PM) with the participation of renowned experts: Carlos Magro, president of the Open Education Association, Irene Arrimadas, Director of Educational Innovation at Escuelas Católicas, and Pepe Menéndez, a teacher and international education consultant.

Faced with the challenge of confronting various different changes and scenarios, the “+T³ International Virtual Forum” is designed to offer a large-scale meeting place for professional managers to find specific answers and solutions to issues in education.


More information

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