Clickedu and Iddink Spain, suppliers of management tools and solutions for schools, are members of the Sanoma Learning group, a current European leader in digital and printed learning tools.

Both independent but coordinated companies are committed to the new educational model.

Clickedu is a high-quality, academic, administrative and financial management platform focused on the entire educational community. Available in a web version and an app for devices, it enables all education professionals to carry out their work effectively. Clickedu is compliant with all current legislation in each autonomous community and helps schools to carry out their day-to-day activities. The mission of Clickedu is to enable the educational community to dedicate its talent to planning, innovating and helping students to develop their skills, by making the most of technological resources so that teaching staff don’t have to waste time on tedious administration that can be optimised through computerisation.

There are already 700 schools throughout Spain, Andorra, Chile, Colombia and the United Kingdom who have placed their trust in Clickedu.

Iddink Spain is a specialist in the distribution of new and reusable books (eco books), in addition to digital content. Through education centres and AFAS, it offers practical solutions for acquiring school materials.

Iddink offers services to primary, secondary and upper secondary schools, whether they be public, private or charter schools.

Many schools that use Iddink services (currently more than 300) take advantage of their second-hand book project, obtaining major financial and, in particular, environmental benefits.

Both companies have more than 10 years of experience in the educational sector and are committed to innovation and sustainability.