Within the current context, it has perhaps occurred to all of us that we should all be working together to find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis. And that is true, although it is somewhat short-term, an action focused on the here and now, but not strategic. While this pandemic poses a major challenge, the most important obstacle we need to overcome as a society and as agents of change within society is still climate change.

At Epson, sustainability is engrained in our DNA. Our objective is to reach the highest possible sustainability index in a circular economy through the use of efficient, compact and precise technologies.

It is clear that sustainability and digitalisation are the path we need to follow to reach a better future. Technology is helpful for resolving the issue of climate change in many ways, and will continue to be so, but it is not the only important element. Another key factor to perhaps consider alongside innovation is awareness.

We have launched a number of different circular economy projects to ensure that our thinking model, the way that we view our own activities, remains in line with our own corporate culture.

With this in mind, we are looking to optimise how we use the most common material in the business, education and administrative spheres: paper. Yes, paper is still an absolutely essential material for practically every sector. Our response has a short and highly valuable name: PaperLab.

In a country like Spain, we need to be even more responsible when it comes to water consumption. With PaperLab, we propose a unique practically water-free technology that reduces water consumption by 98% compared to traditional processes, while also easing the pressure on our forests as there is no need for new pulp and we guarantee a drop in CO2 emissions of at least 40% in relation to the same volume of paper produced from traditional methods, thanks to our short circuit.

At Epson we remain committed to the circular economy in the business sphere and it is in our hands to close the circle. With more sustainable technologies, in addition to other factors, we will be able to make a massive positive impact!

Sergio Aguasca

Business Development Manager PaperLab | Epson

More information available at www.epson.eu/paperlab